What’s the price? Do I have to mortgage my house to pay for this?
No silly, prices start at $500 for two hours and we offer various packages to meet your needs. Let’s talk about your event so we can make sure you get the most bang for your buck!

How much space do I need? How big is this contraption?
It’s not a contraption…. It’s a kiosk. The OhSnap kiosk is a rectangular tower that is about 2.5ft by 1.5ft. If you would like your guests to take full body shots, then you will need about 8 feet of distance from the kiosk to the guest. Waist up pics would require about 3 feet of distance.

Will I need help setting it up? Who’s gonna help me operate this thing?
No worries here. Your event will be covered by our friendly specialist who will handle the set-up as well the take down of the equipment. He/ She will be accompanied by a party side kick that will help your guests with any questions and/or setting up any desired shots.

What else can it do besides take pictures?
Are you serious? What else can’t it do! Our kiosk is equipped with software that will allow you to upload pictures directly to your social media account. Are you a more the hands-on type? You can also print your picture directly from the kiosk. For more elaborate events, ask us about incorporating games, props, and customized backgrounds.