Oh Snap Kiosk was a hit at our event. Our patrons loved the #Hastag Printing. The staffing was professional and very interactive. Looking forward to using them again in the near future.
– Goodtimers

I own a company called Birdgang Brand which is officially licensed to sell collegiate apparel for the University of Louisville. Recently we took the leap from solely being an online retailer to leasing a kiosk at the popular mall in our hometown. On our opening day at the Mall we hired OhSnap!’s Travis Williams to come over and help us get the word out. He was able to put together a smaller set up that was perfect for our kiosk which had limited space to begin with. With his help we were able to create a huge buzz not only on social media, but throughout the mall as well. To this day employees all over the mall still come up to us raving about how cool it was to have their pictures printed out and, using our specific hashtag, we were able to connect with them on social media. Needless to say we have since become their go to place now to shop for collegiate apparel. Currently I’m happy to say that business is booming and we are opening a second kiosk in the same mall and two more in another mall on the opposite side of town where we will be enlisting Mr. Williams’ services once more. OhSnap! is a cool way to create excitement around your business and a clever tool to gain followers on your company’s social media platform. We definitely recommend it!
– Bird Gang Brand Clothing